Keywords Done Right! Choose the Right Keywords

Are your Keywords Done Right?

You created your website. Are you ready for traffic? I’m guessing that you created a website to establish an online business.  To run a successful online business, you must choose the right keywords. I started my website a few months back. My goal is to build an online business, even though I am retired and pushing 70. Learn more about earning money as a retiree here.  Learn more about me at

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Finding the Right Keywords Could be Hard or could be Easy!

Which do you prefer?

Everywhere you look on the web, there are references to keyword and ads for keywords. How do you choose?
If you own a website, it matters! You must understand how to find keywords for your website. Before that, you need to understand how to research keywords. And no, it won’t hurt a bit.

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Key Words – Why Do I Need Them and Where Do I Start to Research


Why Do I  Need Keywords?

Keywords are key (forgive the pun) to have your page or posts show up on the search engines. To make a presence on the Internet and make some extra income, searchers need to find your pages. And, they need to find them quickly and easily. You also must know how to refine and research them. If you’ve created your website to sell products or services, keywords and SEO are a must!

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