Start a Business Because 60 is Not Too Late

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No, it’s Never Too Late to Start a Business!

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It’s too late to start a business if you never begin! And, it’s too late when you let fear get in the way.

What Almost Stopped Me from Starting

Failures and successes are part of my life. Each failure is as important as each success. I failed many times in small and great ways.  I’ve failed at tasks and I’ve failed at career decisions. Each time I failed, I was afraid.  I nearly let fear stop me from beginning this journey and missing out on a great business opportunity. It was fear of failure or perhaps fear of success, that almost stopped me cold. I’m not talking about the caution that keeps me from walking on air or over a fire. I’m talking about fear without reason.

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Can I Really Make Money Online?

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I’m stressed out!

Before I started this post I asked myself can I really make money online? All I really knew is that some folks are wildly successful what others, like me, were wasting their money.

I Tried and Failed


I dabbled in several online business. At first glance, they were a great idea, but lacked in several ways. I have 2 reasons I failed.

First, I did not do my research and homework. The attractive, glittery web page and offer drew me in, but I never checked reviews on those products.

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