Key Words – Why Do I Need Them and Where Do I Start to Research

Why Do I  Need Keywords?

Keywords are key (forgive the pun) to have your page or posts show up on the search engines. To make a presence on the Internet and make some extra income, searchers need to find your pages. And, they need to find them quickly and easily. You also must know how to refine and research them. If you’ve created your website to sell products or services, keywords and SEO are a must!

How do I find great keywords?

Keywords are important, but it took a long time before I understood it. I built five websites before this one. Two websites were drag-and-drop sites. The first was GoDaddy and the second was WIX. The next three were WordPress sites. The first WordPress site was a basic site with no plugins. I started experimenting with plugins on my second WordPress. I am finally comfortable with WordPress.

Search for Keywords

I know I need keywords, so I started looking. Where? On Google. I wanted to find great keywords as easily as possible. I found that there are free and paid keyword search tools. The free tools will deliver a lot of volume. Paid tools deliver keywords with an analysis that makes sense. They help with the why would I choose this or that keyword, question.


My Google search led me to posts for the 10 best free keyword tools, the 25 best free keyword tools, and several paid research websites. To a newbie like me, this was terribly confusing. Volumes of keywords and data are available, but how to use it? I looked for inspiration and waited for someone to show me how to make keywords and SEO work for me.

No Time to Waste – Here’s what I needed

  • A great WordPress website
  • Well done Keyword Research
  • Training in the nuts and bolts of them
  • Support in putting it all together.

Here’s what I found:


Everything I need all in one place! Does that sound too good to be true? I assure you; it is true!


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