Have You Been Looking to Build a Website?

Is Building a Website Hard? No, It’s easy!

Have You Been Looking to Build a Website?

If you’re like me, a retired 70 something that was not born in the computer era, the technology is daunting. Code is a foreign language. Learning new things is harder than ever. Have you considered a website to earn some extra income from home? Have You Been Looking to Build a Website? Have you tried and failed in the past, like me.. Are you still intimidated by the many choices and you find and no guidance to choose one over the other? Follow along and I’ll show you how easy it can be.

See that image above?

That image is intimidating because it implies that you need to lean programming code to build a website.

Learning to program code is something I never wanted, not in a million years. No, all I wanted to do was to build a great website like this one. It’s not that complicated. You don’t have to be a programmer, or a code guru as the image suggests Let’s look at a better way, a smart way, the easy way!

Where do I Begin?

image of marketing search

We’ll begin with WordPress. Why should you choose WordPress?

  • WordPress has great SEO
  • WordPress is easy to customize.
  • WordPress is the number one platform for content management systems (CMS or blogging)

Who am I and why would you listen to me?

I’m Dave Mahen and I know WordPress as the best Content Management System, or CMS for me. I built this website on WordPress for two reasons.

First, it’s easy to get started. In a minute, I’ll show you how.

Second, WordPress is cost effective compared to other plans. I know, I’ve been with several others, GoDaddy and more recently WIX. Those hosting platforms claim to do it all. From drag-and-drop design, built in SEO, and even “done for you” social media. Their advertising is easy to believe and tempting to sign up for. To their credit, the sites have many features.

I learned the hard way!

  • Those “features” were expensive. Every element that is added to improve performance costs extra.
  • There was no training for the Social Media setup. It’s there, but only in a minimal way.
  • The included SEO lacked training – it was a trial-and-error system.
  • The drag-and-drop was inconsistent – The design preview didn’t match the published page.
  • No live training, limited to FAQ and help files.

The Bottom Line

After Seven Years and Seven hosting platforms, NONE of them delivered on promises—until number 8, in June, this year. And that Platform is Wealthy Affiliates.

I promised to show you the easy risk-free way to build a website.

So, let’s start here! With a free starter membership, jump right in and make your first Word press website. This next link is where you can start for free.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


There’s no better way to learn than this. Get a free starter website today. You can:

  • Learn with Fresh Videos, Trainings, and Courses
  • Get Instant Help & Support
  • Build Websites with Ease
  • Achieve Your Online Business Goals

Pick a Niche.

Before you create your free website, you need to pick your niche. A niche is your focus; It’s what your website is all about. It can really be about anything, so what’s your thing?

What is a niche and how do I choose one?

According to Wikipedia, a niche for blogging is the act of creating a blog intending to use it to market to a particular niche market.

Easy, pick something you love, something you are passionate about, and that is where you begin. Do you love sports, hunting, reading, music, games, and more? There are as many places to begin as there are people searching the Internet.

It’s the base you wish to communicate from. Do you want to help others with similar interests, sell something, get your ideas published? It begins with your niche. I created my website, my niche for people like me. Older and retired people who are looking to supplement their income.

Build Your Website with Word press

Log on to your free account and create your free website. Siterubix.com is the host for your free website. Your site will live at this address:  “yoursite. siterubix.com.”

My login area looks like this:

Image of Wealthy Affiliate Websites login button

Once you login, you are here at your fully functional WordPress website!

Image of WordPress site where a business can be built

Your first choice is to pick a theme. You find this choice in Appearance:

Image of a screen capture of the Pretty Links menu choice.

Once you pick your theme, you can move forward with other customizations and get your first pages and posts organized.

Within two days, I realized this was the place I looked for. It has everything! If the theme you choose does not satisfy, there are thousands to choose from, and I can change them with a few clicks.

Wealthy Affiliates has incredible training and training videos:

  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Everything WordPress
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Over 250 training videos

Here is a video on how to quickly create your own website:

Build a website

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Getting Your Business Rolling


I have found everything I need to build a great website, learn the ins and out of marketing, and it’s all in one place!

Have you tried building a website with hosting programs?

I tried several hosting plans; the most recent was WIX. On the surface, it seems they are a great hosting platform. They offer.

  • A drag-and-drop website
  • Email setup through Google’s Gmail
  • Built-in Autoresponder
  • Site Security
  • Limited SEO and more

I invested 2 years with WIX and the website did not attract the visitors I hoped for. The WIX platform really is good if you already know how to market a product or your blog.

A better option is Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’ve tried and are unsatisfied with those other programs, the Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

At the very least, take a look now. Your future is yours to create, so why not start right now? And remember, I’ll be here to help.

Image of the Wealthy Affiliate banner that suggests a free startup membership to build a website


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