Safety Tips for Fun At The Beach


4 Safety Tips For a Fun, Day at The Beach

Before you head out to the beach, think about safety first. While it’s hard to focus on safety before a day of sunshine and fun, it may prevent serious harm to you or your loved ones. You’ve waited on the perfect day, scheduled the time off, packed up your family, and ready to head to the beach.

Ready, Set, GO!

Image of Happy Woman on the road to having a day at the beach
On the Road to Fun

Safety Tips for Your Trip

But are you ready? Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t. This image is a great place to start.

Image Shows Sunscreen Is Necessary for Fun at the Beach

Here’s my short list of safety tips to stay safe at the beach.

Tip Number 1: Share Your Destination

Let your extended family and friends know where you’re going and when you’ll return. If the unimaginable happens, they’ll be looking for you.

Tip Number 2: Dress for Safety

Dress appropriately! Sure, you’ll look great in your bikini or speedo, but don’t forget what you need to protect from the sun such as a cover-up or a beach umbrella.

Tip Number 3: Yeah, Sunscreen!

Sunscreen—don’t leave home without it! Look for a brand that covers both type of UV rays. They make them in waterproof formulas. Reapply them every 2 hours. Protect yourself and your children for future years when you use sunscreen. More info on sunscreen for parents here.

Tip Number 4: Don’t Swim in the Food Chain!

Check out the location! This summer there’s been an increase in shark sightings and attacks. Ask the local authorities about sightings and the local warning system. The waters are very warm this summer and shark sightings are multiplying.

Besides sharks, be on the lookout for jellyfish. Their sting is painful and may cause anaphylactic shock. If you’re allergic, make sure you bring your Epipen.

dinner - not fun at the beach

Stay safe, have fun, and don’t become a dinner delight for the sharks.

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7 thoughts on “Safety Tips for Fun At The Beach”

  1. Hi David, thanks for sharing. Do you have any recommendations for the sunscreen that covers both types of UV rays?

    And where have the shark sightings and attacks taken place?!


    • Hi, Mike, thanks for commenting. I use a product from Coppertone, and there are others. IT’s a clear waterproof spray, 30 SPF.
      Sharks along the east coast mostly because of the warmer ocean waters. There have been sightings at several popular beaches.

  2. Hi David!

    Great tips! As a husband and a father of two it is so important to not only protect oneself but their little ones. At times we are so excited to head out to the beach that we forget to ask ourselves, do we have everything we need. Question, do you recommend any beaches for clean sand, calm waters and less trafficked?

    • Thanks for the comments and the question. I don’t recommend any beaches because I haven’t been to the ocean in over 40 years. There are some nice beaches with good sand here in Ohio, these on lakes. My interest in sunscreen comes from my interest in natural products that help to keep us safe.

  3. Hi David,
    Some nice tips for beach lovers and summertime wanderers here! They are succinct and straight to the point. I love your direct approach. I have a large family and the advice for everyone to announce where they are up to is very salient. It will be nice to broaden the write up on where to get some of these accessories for beach lovers. Thanks a million.
    Best wishes!

  4. Nice post about the beach. I still love going, but I’m terrified of sharks, so I don’t go into the water anymore. I may be paranoid, but I never go anywhere without letting someone know where I’m going in case I don’t come back. Lol. Sunscreen is really important, but many people still neglect it or don’t get the proper type. Chemical sunscreens offer a broad range of UVA and UVB protection; mineral sunscreens containing zinc oxide also protect against UVA and UVB rays. A sunscreen with a minimum SPF value of 30 is ideal for outdoor use. Sunscreen, regardless of the type, should be re-applied every couple of hours, especially when outside.


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