Earning Money After Retirement

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Did you know that a large portion of retirees depend on Social Security for 90% of their retirement income? Some choose to work at home, what will you do?

At present, according to The motley Fool, https://www.fool.com/retirement/2018/10/16/heres-the-average-social-security-benefit-for-2019.aspx, the average retiree gets $1,422 a month in Social Security benefits. With additional sources, the total becomes about $1,564 a month. Is this is your situation and is this enough? I asked this of myself and the answers I received were no; it’s not enough. I definitely want more. But increasing my income comes at a cost. If the increase is modest, the cost would be my time and labor. However, if I returned to a corporate job, the cost would be higher taxes, long hours, and transportation expenses.

Never too late

Retirement doesn’t mean dead. It used to seem that way. I recall quite a few years back when my uncle’s employer forced him into retirement at age 62. I cannot say if that was the law at the time or corporate rules. I can say this, he was heartbroken. His employer denied his appeals. I was 11 or 12 years old and I don’t recall if he pursued other opportunities. I recall that he went back to college to keep his mind busy and he also enjoyed working out at the Y and a lot of golf. He did his best to enjoy life but his forced retirement was a dark spot in his life.

Back to Work?

My uncle lived for 20 years beyond retirement. His time was less than fulfilling because his work was his life. He was a great guy who put family and friends first. Going back to work and taking on a job was not an option for him. Today, we have options. We can work beyond retirement age, but who want’s to? I do not, at least not to work at a clock punching, paid by the hour type job. I searched for a better alternative. My search uncovered many dead-ends. Bogus and misleading opportunities and a waste of my time and money.

I Wanted to Work from Home

A work-at-home plan solves several problems. Earning money after retirement is easiest from home because there are no extra expenses and work hours are flexible.

  • With work-at-home, the hours are ideal.
  • With work-at-home, there are no transportation expenses.
  • With Work-at-home, I don’t have to skip meals to attend corporate meetings!
  • There are expenses, but I already had those, a computer and internet connection.

More than that, I researched opportunities. I know they riddle the Internet with scams and bogus opportunities. I lived through a few of them, meaning I wasted money on programs that were incomplete and didn’t deliver any value. I invested in so-called opportunities that cost $79 or $99 and didn’t deliver on their promises. I learned that these companies continually try to upsell to a higher level of investment. They promise greater rewards that would manifest rapidly. Eventually, I caught on to the pattern and stopped looking at these programs.

My Investment

What did I want? A low cost to invest high potential return. I continued to look at offers. Some are tempting. The authors do a great job at visually attractive ads complete with real sounding testimonials. I believe now that the claims are fake. I want better than fake claims and lost investment money. I want a solid business model with adequate if not excellent training and I want it affordably. Could these conditions exist?

I decided my investment should be only $500 a year. I can afford this. However, the investment must deliver:

  • Training
  • Support
  • A reliable platform
  • Rewards
  • Steady Income

My Choice

The realities of retirement can be harsh. Our remaining life-span is not guaranteed. How we spend our remaining years is important. Are they fulfilling or empty? I did not want to be that guy who sits around, killing time, watching TV, and stagnating physically and mentally. That my friend is no way to live.

I finally chose the right program, Wealthy Affiliate.


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