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Dave Mahen

Hi, I’m Dave Mahen and I’m 70 years old and still feeling good. I started this page and this website to offer ideas and strategies for seniors like me to enrich their lives. I’m also offering great information on how to make your website bring in a little (or a lot) of extra money. This post is about keywords and keyword research. A great keyword product. You can find general info on keywords at Wikipedia.

Let’s take a walk through Keyword research and I’ll do me best to answer the question: “Help You Learn About Jaaxy the Ultimate Keyword Research Tool” along with the rank and important facts about Jaaxy.

Where Do I Find Jaaxy

Where can I find the Jaxxy website?  https://www.jaaxy.com – I’ll take you there later,
Price: Free, $49 or $99 per month. And yes, you can look and start for free.
The owners are Kyle and Carson, who are also the founders of the Wealthy Affiliate program, which I discuss elsewhere on this site.
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

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Discover 3 Keys to Keywords Done Right!

Keyword Research

Are your Keywords Done Right? You created your website. Are you ready for traffic? I’m guessing that you created a website to establish an online business.  To run a successful online business, you must choose the right keywords. I started my website a few months back. My goal is to build an online business, even though I am retired, 70 and enjoying writing blog posts. Learn more about earning money as a retiree here.  Learn more about me at https://dave-mahen.com/about-dave-mahen/

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Finding the Right Keywords Could be Hard or could be Easy!

Which do you prefer?

Everywhere you look on the web, there are references to keyword and ads for keywords. How do you choose?
If you own a website, it matters! You must understand how to find keywords for your website. Before that, you need to understand how to research keywords. And no, it won’t hurt a bit.

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#1 Retirement Income for Seniors

Retirement Income: Do You You Run Out of Money Before the End of the Month?

This was happening to me! Are you in a similar spot? I ran out of money each month. So I searched, and I found a fix. It’s called Affiliate Marketing.  Specifically, Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. Before I began my search, I asked myself this: Can 40% of All Seniors Retire on Social Security with No Additional Benefits?

No, this is almost impossible because teh Social Security has always been a supplement, not a full retirement option. Find Retirement Rescue Today and Get Started Building Your Internet Business for Retirees work for me?

I Wasn’t Ready

My story: I thought I was ready! I’d had enough of work. Like so many, having spent 49 years, all of my adult life, working to support my family.  My employer forced me into retirement with no warning. I faced my boss and the HR manager and received my walking papers 4 months before my planned exit. How did this happen to me? I worked hard and they considered me a valued employee for fourteen years. One day, without warning, they escorted me out the door with my belongings in a box. How quickly I learned that Social Security is inadequate and needed to find income.

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Earn Money After Retirement

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image represents investment time to Earn Money After Retirement

Did You Know It’s Possible to Earn Money After Retirement?

A large portion of retirees depend on Social Security for 90% of their retirement income? Some retirees work at home.

At present, according to The motley Fool, https://www.fool.com/retirement/2018/10/16/heres-the-average-social-security-benefit-for-2019.aspx, the average retiree gets $1,422 a month in Social Security benefits. With additional sources, the total becomes about $1,564 a month. Is this is your situation and is this enough?

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Have You Been Looking to Build a Website?

Learn How to Build a Web Site the Easy Way

Is Building a Website Hard? No, It’s easy!

Have You Been Looking to Build a Website?

If you’re like me, a retired 70 something that was not born in the computer era, the technology is daunting. Code is a foreign language. Learning new things is harder than ever. Have you considered a website to earn some extra income from home? Have You Been Looking to Build a Website? Have you tried and failed in the past, like me.. Are you still intimidated by the many choices and you find and no guidance to choose one over the other? Follow along and I’ll show you how easy it can be.

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Start a Business Because 60 is Not Too Late

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No, it’s Never Too Late to Start a Business!

image of clock suggest time is short

It’s too late to start a business if you never begin! And, it’s too late when you let fear get in the way.

What Almost Stopped Me from Starting

Failures and successes are part of my life. Each failure is as important as each success. I failed many times in small and great ways.  I’ve failed at tasks and I’ve failed at career decisions. Each time I failed, I was afraid.  I nearly let fear stop me from beginning this journey and missing out on a great business opportunity. It was fear of failure or perhaps fear of success, that almost stopped me cold. I’m not talking about the caution that keeps me from walking on air or over a fire. I’m talking about fear without reason.

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Keywords – Why Do I Need Them and Where Do I Start to Research


Why Do I Need Keywords?

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SEO is Important

Keywords are key (forgive the pun) to have your page or posts show up on the search engines. To make a presence on the Internet, searchers need to find your pages. And, they need to find them quickly and easily.

You also must know how to research your keywords and refine them. Does your website sell products or services? Thorough SEO is a must because readers and researchers seldom look beyond the first or second page of results.

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Can I Really Make Money Online?

image of money earned online
Image shows frustration and stress over money
I’m stressed out!

Before I started this post I asked myself can I really make money online? All I really knew is that some folks are wildly successful what others, like me, were wasting their money.

I Tried and Failed


I dabbled in several online business. At first glance, they were a great idea, but lacked in several ways. I have 2 reasons I failed.

First, I did not do my research and homework. The attractive, glittery web page and offer drew me in, but I never checked reviews on those products.

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4 Priority Items to Address When Nearing Retirement

Your Debts Are Priority Items Pay Them Down

Image of calendar showing Priority Items to pay
Monthly Calendar

We live our lives on credit and most of us live from paycheck to paycheck, this is a priority item. Because they fix retirement income, you must eliminate debts as much as possible. They program us to be consumers who always stay on top of trends, the latest technology and live in debt.

Easy methods of debt reduction are available to all, for free. If you can, avoid those services that claim to reduce your credit card debt with secrets the credit card companies don’t want you to know. Pay off your debts now!

Ask yourself, and better still, ask them how are they funded and how to they make their money?

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Can Wealthy Affiliate Provide New Income?

Old couple looking for new income

New Income

Hello, are you looking for New Income? I’m glad you stopped by this page. I’m retired and my main income is Social Security until recently when I discovered New Income resources for Seniors through Wealthy Affiliates.

No Extras

Social Security gives no bonuses, paid vacations or other rewards to retirement and definitely no New Income. I discovered that what I have is minimal and life quickly became boring. I have hobbies, a bit of woodworking and household fix it jobs, but these were not enough, and they didn’t help my empty wallet get any fatter. I recently found Wealthy Affiliate and asked myself this: Can Wealthy Affiliate Provide New Income for Seniors?


Image of empty wallet -
My Empty Wallet

I dabbled in affiliate marketing for the last twelve years with no success. I bought into this and that, but they were all incomplete. Really, what was I expecting for programs in the $19 to $49 range? Some were for the purchase of E-books and reports. Other were those “sales funnels” that lacked training. Also, they lacked support. Embarrassed with my purchase, I never asked for a refund.  I started looking again this year, 2019. There are many Affiliate programs out there, and somehow, in 2019 I found Wealthy Affiliate.

The following is my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Prices: Starting Membership, $0; Premium $49/month, $234 for 6/months, $359 a year
Owners: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Does Wealthy Affiliate Help Create New Income?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers a complete program to market the Wealthy Affiliate Program and generate new income. They design the program for anyone starting in affiliate marketing.

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