Can I Really Make Money Online

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I Tried and Failed


I dabbled in several online business. At first glance, they were a great idea, but lacked in several ways. I have 2 reasons I did.

First, I did not do my research and homework. Second, I wanted to know how I could make money online.

I failed in my research because I read the “hype” and believed it but did not look deeper into the company and the training I needed to succeed.

I Found a Better Solution

One thing was certain, at 70 years old, I won’t be seeking a job. Those days are over and done. I’m also certain that I don’t want to spend hours and hours loafing and watching television. I searched online and found several sites like this on: The Penney Hoarder who also delve into solutions for seniors. Therefore, I’ll make money online and I’ve found a great place to learn how, Wealthy Affiliate. The program has everything I need.

  • Step-by-step classroom training
  • Peer Support
  • Tools for blogging
  • Video Support
  • Free starter website
  • WordPress websites with thousands of templates
  • Plugins help shape the look, feel, and usefulness.

I began my journey with Wealthy Affiliate in June of 2019 and I am happy to say I am progressing. Have I earned any money yet? NO! That’s not my goal now. My goal now is to learn, understand, and become proficient. And, there’s a volume of information to learn.

It’s a good thing that an old dog can learn new tricks!

Now I have the Tools

They are all here at Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. I agree with you 100% You and I are in the boat here. I love WA and have also only been in it for a month. I highly recommend WA as the best platform to learn with. Anyone can learn. Best of luck to you.

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