Affiliate Marketing Rescue for Baby Boomers

Do You Run Out of Money Before the End of the Month?

This was happening to me, I was running out of money each month. So, I searched and and I found a fix. And, it’s called Affiliate Marketing.  My story: I thought I was ready! I’d had enough of work. Like so many, I spent 49 years, all of my adult life, working to support my family.  My employer forced me into retirement with no warning. I faced my boss and the HR manager and received my walking papers 4 months before my planned exit. How did this happen to me? I worked hard and they considered me a valued employee for fourteen years. One day, without warning, they escorted me out the door with my belongings in a box. How quickly I learned that Social Security is inadequate and needed to find income.

My Retirement Reality

Free at last! With 49 years behind me I was free! Free to spend my day as I choose!

  • No more hour-long daily drive.
  • No more endless daily meetings!
  • No more meaningless reports.
  • No more corporate politics.
  • No More comfortable income.

The downsides came quickly. I was without work and temporarily without meaning in my life. I had many friends at work; now they were out of reach. With time on my hands,, what would I do? I looked for a job for a while because it’s required to collect unemployment. I followed leads through “Indeed” and through the state of Ohio job postings. I quickly learned that age, while unspoken, was a factor. When I reflect on this, I realized that all my employment life, the older folks were not hired.


Is There Rescue for My Retirement Crisis?

On the positive side, my health is not a crisis yet. I am reasonably healthy, having only a few treatable conditions. Because that is true, I have decent medical care through Medicare and a no cost Medicare supplement plan. A potential crisis of having a serious illness is on the horizon for all retired seniors. And, we know all too well that a medical crisis is also a financial crisis. I have friends who take medications that cost $6,000 per month and more. What would I do if this happens to me?

Believe It or Not

I needed to supplement my income. I had considered a part-time business during the last working years, but these were unsuccessful. I trained in Aromatherapy and Hypnosis and joined a holistic practice. For nearly two years, I made enough money to pay my office rent and enjoy saving. Then, the bottom fell out and I could not find another desirable situation. I brought the Aromatherapy and Hypnosis home where I still see an occasional client.

Because My employer forced me into retirement, I faced a major challenge working a home: My home is remote and I learned that people really don’t want to visit here. I’m told that “it’s too far to drive and “I’ll let you know.”

Working from Home

I wanted to work from home using my computer and I looked around the internet for opportunities. Once I began my search, I found there were opportunities everywhere. Many of them are dead ends and scams. I finally found what I consider the very best and safest opportunity, a program that will end the problem of running out of money.

Avoid the Scams.

Scammers view retired folks in the same way a carnivore views prey. I get the emails and calls asking for login information, my social security number, and more. I received a call that they suspended my Social Security account and I needed to act now. I didn’t. Unfortunately, many seniors have fallen prey to these scams. I’ll examine individual scams and put together a to-do list on another page.


Are you like me and part of the population who retired on Social Security benefits? We may be old, and we may be retired, but we aren’t limited to only our meager Social Security benefit. We have options. If we are alive, and never give up, we can add to our benefits with substantial cash each month. Are you willing to make an investment mostly in time and effort? And what if that investment is free to try? Will you look at it? Click the  get started here button below:

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5 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Rescue for Baby Boomers”

  1. I love this article.  Very interesting topic about baby boomers and retirement.  I love the article because i understand that the only way to save that generation is via online.  I love the idea of baby boomers blogging even though they would complain about how long it takes sometimes for articles to generate income.  I will be sharing this with my uncle.  

    Thanks again.

  2. The best thing we can do for ourselves is just to make sure we can get access to getting extra work from home before we retire because it might be too late before reality dawn on us and to plan well will automatically mean success. Affiliate marketing is the perfect adventure for us all to get involved with since it takes little to no special amount to get started with. Great pot here nd I truly fancy te post here. Thank you so much.

  3. Yes! affiliate marketing can help babyboomers and it feels like it is the perfect solution and the nature gift to the babyboomer generation. Affiliate has become the new trend and exactly the best way to make money on the internet. Though it requires a lot of work and dedications but then, with commitment and persistence with constant patience, success is only but some foots away. After retirement is a period that not anyone would want to get involved with but with constant dedication, success is achievable. 

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