#1 Retirement Income for Seniors

Retirement Income: Do You You Run Out of Money Before the End of the Month?

This was happening to me! Are you in a similar spot? I ran out of money each month. So I searched, and I found a fix. It’s called Affiliate Marketing.  Specifically, Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. Before I began my search, I asked myself this: Can 40% of All Seniors Retire on Social Security with No Additional Benefits?

No, this is almost impossible because teh Social Security has always been a supplement, not a full retirement option. Find Retirement Rescue Today and Get Started Building Your Internet Business for Retirees work for me?

I Wasn’t Ready

My story: I thought I was ready! I’d had enough of work. Like so many, having spent 49 years, all of my adult life, working to support my family.  My employer forced me into retirement with no warning. I faced my boss and the HR manager and received my walking papers 4 months before my planned exit. How did this happen to me? I worked hard and they considered me a valued employee for fourteen years. One day, without warning, they escorted me out the door with my belongings in a box. How quickly I learned that Social Security is inadequate and needed to find income.

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Estate Planning – Before it’s Too Late

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Our Stuff Your estate is everything you own. Your money, your home, your business, and your possessions. All of this is your estate, your stuff. You know this. So why am I talking about your estate? Because it’s important to protect what you leave behind when you leave this world. And everyone knows you cannot …

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5 reasons to start an online business

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Hi, I’m Dave Mahen. My employer forced me into retirement three years ago. I was only 6 months from retirement age, but I hoped to work an extra year but that didn’t happen. I am fortunate in that I only have a mortgage and day-to-day expenses. I am fortunate that I am in reasonable health. Because of my situation, I started an online business to supplement my income, and you can too!

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