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Dave Mahen

Hi! I’m Dave Mahen and my blog is here to help fellow retired and nearly retired seniors to find additional income I’ll look at those things that affect us monetarily, our health and more. Won’t you join me on this journey? I’m here for you!

Once Upon a Time I had Reasonably Good Income:

I was much younger. Much has changed, but hey, I’m not that old! I’m a very young 69s soon to be a 70 something. I wasn’t one of those born rich or born poor guys and I’m not that old. I’m a very young (minded) at almost 70 years young.

I’ve had an average life with a good family and 50+ years working mostly blue-collar jobs and ending my working years in a white-collar job. These jobs did not train or guide me to anything other than the daily work.

My Father

Image of My Dad, Royden Mahen
Royden Mahen

Gave me the best advice that I never followed. He always told me to save money until I had six months worth in the bank. He said it’s an emergency fund that everyone should have.  As a teenager I was arrogant and more so as a young man.

I completely ignored my father’s good advice. I lived on my paycheck. I financed my cars. I didn’t settle down to smarter finance after I married. I tried and failed sales job selling insurance.  That led to our bankruptcy, an easy way out. How I wish I had listened to my Dad. His wisdom and ethics guides me today.

I Worked All My Life for Income

Image of old factory -
An Old Factory

My careers comprised many jobs in the manufacturing sector.  I worked as a Machinist, Toolmaker, Aerospace Engineering Technician, Machine Shop Manager, and Quality Control Manager for a Major Window company.

When retirement suddenly loomed in my future, I was unprepared. Are you prepared? If you are, great! You are ahead of most. If not, stay tuned because it’s never too late.

I’m Here for You

I’m here because all my life I’ve enjoyed helping others. My website reveals money-making opportunities for retired people like me, Scams that target seniors and marketers, and areas where we can use natural means to stay healthy.

I joined Wealthy Affiliates and started this site to help others. I created this place to show the benefits of affiliate marketing and more for those of us who retired without a great plan.

If you’re like me, working hard through the years and retiring on Social Security, my website is for Yoe! It’s your focal point to get started in affiliate marketing and build a sustainable second income. I love affiliate marketing because it’s all done from home. There’s no commute to work, no auto expense, and you work for the best boss in the world. YOU!

My Philosophy

Image of philosophers
The Great Thinkers

One of my favorite speakers over the years has been Zig Ziglar. My favorite quote: “You Can get anything you want in life so long as you help other people get what they want.” Zig was perhaps one of the greatest salesmen and motivators ever. Zig Ziglar said it best: “You Can get anything you want if you help others to get what they want.” I incorporated that into all I do.

I Have My Niche: Helping Seniors Create New Income

image of a niche
I Found My Niche

It’s about helping others earn income through internet marketing. My hobbies are Aromatherapy, Photography, Toastmasters, and Hypnosis. I enjoy my hobbies, but they are expensive now that I’m retired. I love my membership in Toastmasters because their programs focus on self-improvement of the individual.

I Include Natural Health

A good friend of my, a naturopathic doctor, has this motto: Health is Wealth. My pages will include information about food choices and supplements that work for me. I encourage everyone to find out what works for them. I also encourage working with your medical team to stay healthy, but at the time to inform their doctors of the things they do that they have chosen that work for them. It’s your life, and I advocate standing up for yourself.

My Goal Here

Scrabble Tiles Spell Vision
Scrabble Tiles

My goal here is to provide resources that help others, especially seniors, supplement their income, avoid scams, and protect our assets. We seniors living primarily on Social Security have little to live on.

Most Social Security income

Is usually less than the poverty level. Even with a decent 401k plan and modest living expenses, net worth diminishes annually. If you ever need a hand or have questions, leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Look at the opportunity today! Look at my Wealthy Affiliate page. It’s worth your time to look!

All the best,

Dave Mahen

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6 thoughts on “About Dave Mahen”

  1. Hi Dave!

    Nice to meet you! I appreciate your honesty and transparency. I have also attempted several different avenues to achieve financial freedom. Some were successful and others were not. I do like that you are trying to help those hard working folks who are now retired to realize that they can achieve financial freedom from home. Best of luck!

  2. Hi Dave

    I like your site and as a senior myself I can appreciate it. Keep up the good work there are a lot people retired or getting ready to retire that need this.

    Also I like your philosophy and because of the that your success is assured.

    Much Success


  3. Hi David,

    I haven’t read an “about us” article that is so honest and so down to earth.

    You are very sincere and transparent person and I’m sure that you have the trust of as many visitors to this website.

    Your website will definitely teach many of us coming behind about so many things on how to plan for the rainy day.

    May God Grant you more years.

    Best wishes!


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